About The Founder

Anass Zabian is the founder and the President of Ugarite Consultancy. Born in Damascus, Syria, and studied at Damascus schools, he graduated from European University Geneva Switzerland as a Bachelor of Business Administration. Subsequently, he moved to achieve higher diploma in PR from London School and Diploma in PMP from Stanford University USA., and obtained a Master of Science in management from University of Geneva, currently he is working on the Ph.D. from the Schools of Business at USA Universities.

Anass Zabian currently the President at Ugarite Consultancy LLC, a Consulting and advisory company in Syria. His professional career included: Managing Director of Seven Arts Digital Media, Inc. Executive Manager at Soryntos Advertising Agency; an Executive Manager at ISIC International Student Identity Card, a global worldwide organization that brought Students Services, and a recognized from The United Nation.

Anass Zabian returned in 2010 to start several commercial projects. In order to have the freedom to carry out his ideas and concepts, and to demonstrate the obligation on the part of private individuals of financial means to make contributions to the needy segment of the society, he decided not to seek any external funding for his projects during the initial ten years of the foundation›s activities. Now that several of the projects he has started have made a good beginning, The Zabian Foundation is seeking additional funds from donors to expand its humanitarian work.


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