About Us:

Ugarite Consultancy is an expert consulting company providing fully customized business, marketing, and investment solutions to leaders and businesses operating in wide range of industries.

Ugarite Consultancy was founded in the last fourth of 2013 based on the decree No./98/ in 2013 and the commercial register No./17095/.

The idea of Ugarite Consultancy was born during the crisis that Syria has been witnessing since 2011. So, there was a necessity to work in order to find out investment plans which would contribute to reconstruct and upgrade the new Syria.

During our work we have established more than 100 cooperation with most importants companies in Syria such as:

Ministry of Economy & Foreign Trade, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Admninstrtive Development, Syrain Investment Agency, Agha-khan Organisation, Cham Bank, Albaraka Syria Bank, Bemo Bank, Puzant Yacoubian Group, Hamsho Holding, Engaging Youth Project …Etc.


Our Vision:

To be one of the best companies regarding consultive and investment services as well as being the first choice of the investors. Also, to attain high quality, accuracy and credibility in order to be over our clients expectations in Syria and Middle East.


Our Mission:

To maintain efficacy and faithfulness as for providing consultive services to our clients. Together with, trying hard to build forceful relations with our clients to gain their trust and gratification by making use of the best professional and academic qualifications to provide our consultive services. To work constantly to develop and search for the recent which is appropriate for our business, clients and the parts we work for.


Our Message:

We seek our own distinctive imprint concerning success, advancement and development of the investment projects. Adding to that, bringing the investors to work with all of Arabic and international companies which are interested in investment-management consultancy and market research. So that, we guide them to be guiding principle in their business by helping them to keep and promote their investments in order to gain maximal profits.